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Environment and School Initiatives (ENSI) ENSI is an international network which has supported educational developments, environmental understanding, active approaches to teaching and learning, through research and the exchange of experiences internationally since 1986.

What is ENSI all about? Environment and School Initiatives is an international network of experts, working in Education for Sustainable Development. Do you want to know more? Click here... How we work ENSI is a learning organisation; you are invited to join ENSI’s work read more Projects See ENSI's projets read more

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Aug 23, 2016: ESER 2016 European Conference on Educational research in Dublin EERA and the University College Dublin invite Educational Researchers to submit proposals for the European Conference on Educational Research 2016.
ECER, the annual conference held by the European Educational Research Association (EERA), welcomes over 2,500 scholars each year, representing views and research traditions from all parts of Europe. ECER is preceded by EERA‘s Emerging Researchers‘ Conference (ERC). us11.campaign-archive2.com/?u=e633bb7999a257a10b0d3a3ea&id=601ac68c06&
May 23, 2016: ENSI Mailing - Issue 74 On April 22nd the leaders of 175 countries signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Closely related to the agreement is the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with 17 goals. This framework will influence our work and will have strong impact in our societies. Your ENSI mailing today is a compilation of web-links from UN and other organisations, supporting our work for tackling the SDG’s. ENSI - mailing 74.pdf Mar 22, 2016: ENSI Mailing - Issue 73 Today’s mailing will bring to you a selection of events being scheduled for this year. A wide variety of conferences, meetings and workshop are on the agenda worldwide – this list has set a focus on ESD and Research on ESD.
The description of the conference’s aims and settings are originated from the respective website. On the base line of each event you will find the link for further information.
ENSI - mailing 73.pdf
Mar 10, 2016: Ahmedabad, Plan of Action Ein Aktionsplan, entstanden an der internationalen Konferenz 'Education as a Driver for Sustainable Developemnt Goals' im Januar 2016 in Ahmedabad, der die Umsetzung in Paris 2015 beschlossenen Sustainable Development Goals beschreibt
Deutsche Übersetzung des Ahmedabad Aktionsplans in 13 Punkten, ergänzt mit Erläuterungen und Bezügen zu internationalen Akteuren und Referenzdokumenten. Ahmedabad Plan of Action_DE.pdf
Mar 10, 2016: Manifest for Education towards environment and sustainable deveelopment The education for the Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD) is a necessity. Several European and international official texts recognize this fact and commit member countries to take action.
We, associations and institutions involved in the EESD, find that the commitment made by the countries are still too little visible on the ground and we collected in this manifesto different proposals for an ambitious EESD in Europe. Author: WEEC permanent office and EESD experts

A manifest including 20 proposals to respond the priority challenges, including EESD in schools, in non formal education, higher education, emplyment, In-service training for EESD actors and EESD in European policies manifeste EEDD - English.pdf
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