ENSI's way of working

ENSI is a learning organization with a common identity and focus with agreed pedagogical principles and content. Its identity is based on a systematic reflection on practice and a well researched learning perspective. Its focus is on participation, seeing change as a condition of learning, regarding ESD as a cross cutting theme in research.

ENSI captures and reflects on its members’ experiences so that we can ‘practice what we preach’ and develop a portfolio that showcases our work and can be used for partnership purposes.

ENSI also is in dialog with government agencies and continues to develop links between research groups, schools and authorities, working on school development and teachers’ professional development. ENSI sees schools as the centre of learning and ultimately influencing their communities. It focuses on schools as systems and intends to map the role of schools in creating sustainable communities.

Unique aspect of ENSI lays in the collaboration of different partners along common themes and questions. Teachers from pilot schools, community members, teacher trainers, university professors, experts from public administration and from large international agencies and students cooperate in the frame of mutually developed projects. Each partner is contributing with specific experience and competences – thus ENSI based projects take in account the complexity of ESD and EE related issues and problems.

Project work starts with a specific topic and its discussion in the frame of an ENSI meeting. The project idea is communicated in the ENSI network; interested partners are invited to join the development of the proposal. ENSI is coordinating processes and is preparing the application in close collaboration with the project team.

ENSI is supporting a project over its duration with management work and expertise. After the projects closure ENSI is taking over further mainstreaming and dissemination of the outcomes through ENSI’s information channels and events.

Your active participation

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