ENSI membership for countries, organisations and individuals

The ENSI Association shall consist of regular, extraordinary and honorary members.

Regular members are such who fully contribute to the work of the Association. Honorary members are persons appointed as such in reward of special achievements rendered for the Association.

Regular members

Countries National administrations and/or national agencies are welcome to become ENSI member countries. Countries are represented by one vote/each in the ENSI Annual General Meeting. Membership fee for member countries is € 4000

Organisations Organisations (public bodies and/or NGO's) with a profile in EE and/or ESD are welcome in the ENSI network in the status of a 'Regular Member/ Organisation'. Each organisation is represented in democratic processes by one vote. Membership fee for organisations is € 800

Experts, Individuals and Honorary Members Experts, who are not representatives of an organisation, are welcome in the status of Regular Member/'Individual'. Membership fee for individual members is € 50

Application for MembershipENSI's registration form for becoming an ENSI MemberENSI Registration Form.pdf

Rights and duties of ENSI members


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