Organisations and Individual Members

ENSI’s agenda is set by member-countries, member-organisations and individual members, in cooperation with ENSI’s board. The following organisations and their individual experts meet in network ENSI. Here you find also ENSI’s well-deserved Honorary Members. Members have best access to ENSI’s large network and may cooperate with experts from all over.


ENSI member organisations and individual members cooperate actively with ENSI and contribute to ENSI’s professional expertise and outreach:

Cheongju National University of Education Prof. Dr. Sun-Kyung Lee OFI Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development
Dr. Attila Varga and Monika Reti
UAB Autonomous University of Barcelona Dr. Mariona Espinet Expert Group on Sustainable Development Baltic 21 Krista Kampus Cyprus Pedagogical Institute Dr. Aravella Zachariou

Honorary Members

Astrid Sandås Retired expert for Education for Sustainable Development at the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training ENSI Honorary Member Astrid Sandas.pdf Charles Hopkins United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization Chair at York University in Toronto; Canada ENSI Honorary Member Charles Hopkins.pdf Günther Franz Pfaffenwimmer Former Head of Subunit for Environmental Education in the Austrian Ministry of Education ENSI Honorary Member Günther Pfaffenwimmer.pdf Mauri Ahlberg Retired Professor of Biology and Sustainability Education at the Department of Teacher Education of the University of Helsinki, Finland ENSI Honorary Member Mauri Ahlberg.pdf Michela Mayer Retired national expert at INVALSI, Istituto Nazionale per la Valutazione del Sistema dell’Istruzione and assistent professor at Università di Roma Tre. ENSI Honorary Member Michela Mayer.pdf Peter Posch Retired Professor from the University of Klagenfurt, Austria ENSI Honorary Member Peter Posch.pdf Syd Smith Former manager of the Environmental Education Unit (NSW Department of Education and Training), Sydney, Australia ENSI Honorary Member Syd Smith.pdf