Regionalisation Asia-Pacific

ENSI decided on the Annual General Meeting 2006 (Vienna) to enlarge its global perspective to Asia-Pacific and to collaborate with local partners on our common topic of education for sustainable development.

Core documents

Education for Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific Minutes Asia Pacific meeting in Perth, october 9th, 2006 AP_ESD_meeting_draft_minutes1.pdf Education for sustainable development in the asia-pacificstrtolower Profiles of the individual partners in the Regionalisation Process 2006 Written_summary_of_Delegates_ESD_activities.pdf ENSI-Asia

Project Websites

Centre for Environment Education (CEE) India Centre for Environment Education, CEE was created in recognition of the importance of environmental education in India's overall environment and development strategy. The result of a unique partnership between government and a non-governmental institution, CEE was established as a Centre of Excellence in 1984, supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India. Centre for Environment Education (CEE) Australia Centre for Environment Education (CEE) Australia Incorporated is a not for profit association established in Sydney in July 2001. CEEA is dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative environmental education, communication and action programs in Australia and the Asia Pacific region